10 Fun Baking Gifts: Perfect for home cooks

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Make sure your favourite baker keeps creating masterpieces, by adding to their quiver of kitchen tools. We have written this guide with those in mind who love to bake.  We have packed this guide with fun baking gifts, including various tools and accessories. You will find fun baking gifts ranging from functional to quirky. 

1. Edge Only Brownie Pan

We all know the edges of a brownie taste the best. This brownie pan has a continuous design. This gives your whole brownie the chocolaty chewy goodness you normally only find on the edges.

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2.Cakesicle Pan

Make cookies, brownies and cakes on a stick with this cakesicle cooking pan! This non-stick coated pan includes twenty five wooden sticks for your baked goods It’s a fun baking gift for anyone who likes the sweeter things in life.

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3. Mini Pie Maker

Everyone loves a pie! Now making a pie has never been easier. With this mini pie maker, you can cook two pies perfectly without worrying about burning it in the oven. This Salter EK1691N is super easy to use, is non-stick and designed to not let your pastry crumble or fall apart. A great addition to any kitchen.

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4. Pastry Blender

Make “rubbing in” your pastry with this tool. It blends in flour and fat effortlessly for perfect pastry every time. For something so simple, it gives excellent results.

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5. Only Gay in the Kitchen Apron

In the kitchen, but out and proud! Make a statement while cooking up something fabulous and wear it with pride.

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6. Digital Measuring Jug

Bring your measuring in to the digital age with this clever measuring jug. It has five measuring modes for mike, water, oil flour and weight. The accurate measurement is shown on an LCD display on the handle.

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7. Mary Berry's Baking Bible

Learn from the woman who invented baking (not really). Mary Berry’s Baking Bible has 250 recipes for all the classics and more. It is easy to follow and a perfect fun baking gift.

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8. Marble Rolling Pin

Keeping your pastry cool is essential for good results. This rolling pin is made from white marble and has quality wooden handles. Therefore, it looks nice and performs well.

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9. Custom Apron

Have anything you want printed on this personalised apron. Keep it complimentary or not, it is up to you. 

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10. Bogey Man Egg Separator

The bogey man is a unique way of making sure you can easily separate your yokes from your whites. Crack in your eggs and pour out the whites like he has man flu.

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Which of these would make a great addition to your kitchen? Let us know in the comments section below.

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