10 Great Mexican Party Supplies: Set the scene for your fiesta!

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Your Mexican theme party has to have there right feel to it. To set the correct ambiance, you need the correct Mexican party supplies. In this list you will find a collection of the best Mexican party supplies, to ensure your night has the correct look. 

1. The Mariachis Mexican Party

This playlist has all your favourite party tunes….but in a Mariachi style. You can expect songs from The Human League, Joan Jett, Girls Aloud, East 17 and INXS. All these songs are played in the traditional Mariachi  way for the authentic soundtrack to your party, with a twist.

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2. Sombreros and Mexican Moustache set

A selection of hats and ‘taches are  essential Mexican party supplies. Get some for key personnel or kit everyone out with some stereotypical outfits. Available in various quantities and colour schemes.

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3. Large Mexican Table Cloth

This handwoven table cloth will help the presentation of your party food stand out and look more authentic. In fact they can be used as as a shawls, curtains, wall decorations, for outdoor tables, as picnic rugs and just anything you want to cover. It is one of the most versatile Mexican party supplies.

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4. Infalatable Cactus

Get the dessert look with a couple of inflatable cacti to decorate your party. These take your Mexican party decorations to the next level.

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5. Corona Shark bite surfboard

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Get the beach look with this Corona surfboard. It is hand painted and comes with a big shark bite on the tail. This would look great in the garden or on the wall. You could even use it as a bar or table.

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6. Margarita Glasses

Make your margarita more authentic by serving them in the appropriate glasses. These are great value and will ensure your creation will taste the best it can do.

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7. Coronarita Kit

Speaking of margaritas, why not beer it up a bit with a Corona. This beer bottle holder and heavy bottomed glass will give you two drinks in one. Just don’t forget the straw! 

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8. Mexican Disposable Dinner set

If you are going to host a Mexican party, you may as well keep the theme going strongly. These disposable items have guitars, sombreros, maracas and cacti on them. They will also save you a lot of washing up.

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9. Mexican Food Neon Sign

Announce to your guests that dinner is served, by switching on this neon sign. It comes in three different sizes and is engraved on to quality acrylic. This will give you a great Mexican restaurant look to your party.

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10. Chilli Pepper LED Lights

This is a low cost way of creating the Mexican ambiance at your party. This strip of battery powered chilli lights is 2.8m long and had 20 light dangling from it. They look great and would be a super addition to your decorations.

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Do you agree that these would set the ambiance for a Mexican theme party? Let us know in the comments section below.

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