10 Unusual Gifts Cat Lovers Can Use in The Kitchen

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What do you buy the crazy cat person in your life that has everything? We have put together a list of unusual gifts cat lovers can use in the kitchen. Whether they like cooking, eating or drinking there will be something for them here.

1. Cat Mug with Tea Strainer

This cool looking glass mug has its own tea strainer. Watch the hot water infuse with tea and when it is ready take hold of the cast’s tail and sip away. This is one of the best unusual gifts cat lovers will enjoy.

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2. Space Cat Pizza Apron

What is there to say? It’s an apron with cat riding pizza in space! It doesn’t get any cooler than that. You must know someone that would love this.

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3. Cat Bottle Stopper

Protect the wine you haven’t drunk yet with this cat bottle stopper. This cute and funny cat bottle stopper is purrrfect for cat loving winos.

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4. Cat Biscuit Jar

Keep those chocolate chip cookies in this cat biscuit jar. His face isn’t one of judgement when you go back for your sixth hob-nob, but one of joy and happiness.

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5. Cat Egg Mould

Cat shaped fried eggs are an interesting way to start your day. These are certainly unusual gifts cat lovers can use in the kitchen every day.

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6. Cat Rolling Pin

Do your cookies lack something cat related? Not anymore! With this cat rolling pin, you can emboss cat shapes in to your baking.

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7. Cat Tea Infuser

Hook this cat tea infuser on to the rim of your cup and let it do its work. This cute brewer will ensure your have the perfect cup of tea every time.

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8. Cat Drinks Markers

Never risk someone drinking your wine again with these cat drinks markers. These kitties clip to your wine glass allowing you to identify each others drinks.

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9. Cat Oven Gloves

Protect your paws with these cat oven gloves. They will surely be a hit with the cat loving cook in your life.

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6. Cat Recipe Book

No! Cats are not the main ingredient in this cook book. This book is packed full of homemade meals you can make for your cat. It is actually quite useful too, as it outlines things that cats should not eat as well as what they can.

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Are these gifts puurrrfect for your cat loving friend? Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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