Beer Drinking Games To Liven Up Any Night

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Sometimes an evening in needs livening up. One of the easiest ways to make the night step up a gear, is to start playing beer drinking games. We have been doing a lot of research in to this, and compiled a list of fun beer drinking games. These games are easy to play and don’t take much thinking about.

1. Edward Beer Hands

beer drinking games

Edward Beer Hands is quite an extreme beer drinking game, but it is hilarious.

This game is played by a person having a large beer gaffer taped to each hand. The individual may not have their hands freed until they finish their beers.

You can set a time limit to prevent cheating. Once the time is up, anyone with beer left needs to complete a forfeit. However, you will find people will drink up pretty quickly when they need the toilet.

2. Beer Pong

This beer drinking game is a staple for American college students. 

Set up a number of cups at each end of a table and let battle commence!

Beer Pong is generally played by teams of two. Each team takes turns throwing a table tennis ball into the other team’s cups.

Once a ball lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the opponent then drinks its contents.

There are two types of throw:

  1. A tossed ball on target is worth one cup (the cup it lands in).
  2. A bounced shot on target is worth two cups (the one in which the shot was made and another chosen by the thrower)

However, the defending (non-throwing) team may block a bounced ball once it has hit the table, whereas tossed shots are indefensible.

The less accurate players get in to a vicious circle of getting progressively more drunk and worse at throwing.

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3. Centurion/Power Hour

Centurion is one of the most simple beer drinking games, but one of the most brutal. 

It sounds simple, but the aim of Centurion, is to take a shot of beer every minute for an hour. Ideally you need to set a timer to remind you to all drink at the same time.

There is no official winner, but it is a game of dedication and solidarity with your drinking buddies.

An alternative version of this beer drinking game, is to play while watching a football match. Take a shot of beer for every minute of the match. You also have the advantage of the timer on screen.

4. The Beer Hunter

This is one of the simplest but funniest beer drinking games. It is a game of chance where the loser gets soaked in beer at the end of each round.

Two (or more) players are blindfolded and are seated at a table. Four (or more) beers are placed randomly  in front of them, one being shaken up.

Once the setup is complete and the shaken up beer has been placed on the table, the non-blindfolded players can wager drinks on who will choose the exploding beer.

When wagers are finished, the blindfolds are removed from the pickers, and they alternate choosing beers in one by one fashion.

Each time a beer is chosen, the picker must open it above their head. If it doesn’t explode on them, they choose a spectator to drink it.

If all beers are correctly chosen by the pickers, except the last beer (the shaken one), the pickers can choose which spectator has to chug it.

5. Chandelier

beer drinking games

Put a large glass of beer in the middle of the table and surround it with smaller glasses of beer, one for each person.

Each person bounces a coin and if it lands in a player’s glass, that person has to drink it.

Hit the center glass, and everyone has to speed-finish their beer and hold the glass upside down over their head. Last person with the glass on their head drinks the contents of the centre glass.

Turning the glass upside down over one’s head allows the lagging player to simply skip the drinking, and pour the beer over their head.


A fun beer drinking game, perfect for an evening in or a rainy afternoon in the pub

You will need beer, an empty pitcher, and a deck of cards.

In this beer drinking game, you wager an amount of beer into an empty pitcher, and then you verbally choose either red or black.

Then you pick a card from the deck. If you have chosen correctly, the beer stays in the pitcher and the person next to you takes their turn. If you’re wrong, you have to drink what’s in the pitcher.

You also don’t stop going until you get the colour right.

This gets very competitive, and a decision between how much beer each player is willing to wager makes things very interesting.

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7. Bones

This is a very simple drinking game, but can quickly get out of hand.

You take two dice and roll them:

Even number – take a drink.

Odd Number – Make a new rule.

Examples of new rules can be:

  • Left hand drinking
  • No names
  • No swearing
  • Introduce the thumb/head master

The more creative the rules, the more fun the game is.

8. Fingers

This is a really fun beer drinking game, where everyone is involved , until they are “safe”.

Step 1: Get a large glass.

Step 2: Have all players pour some beer or whatever they are drinking into this glass. This can make a pretty horrendous cocktail (especially if someone is drinking Baily’s.

Step 3: All players place a finger on the glass and count to three. 

Step 4: Taking it in turns, on the count of 3,  players must remove their fingers or leave them touching the rim of the glass.

The person whose turn it is must guess the number of fingers remaining on the glass.

If correct, that player is out and safe. If wrong, the player remains and the next person takes a turn. This continues until one person remains and must chug the contents of the glass..

9. Hockey

beer drinking games

Everyone has a bottle of beer. That is your “net”. Your “stick” is any two fingers on your non-dominant hand. The “puck” is a coin.

Everyone starts with their stick on top of their net (fingers on the bottle). One player spins the puck on the table.

Once it’s spinning, they call the name of another player. Then everyone can put their sticks down. The person whose name was called hits the puck with their stick, trying to ding it off one of the nets. If the puck hits your net, you drink. The person whose name was called is the next one to spin the puck.

Rebounds: after the puck is shot, it’s live. If it hits a net or a stick and is still spinning afterwards, anyone can hit it. You can be scored on multiple times.

Penalties: if you spin the puck and it goes off the table, put your stick down too early or knock over a drink, you go to the penalty box. Whilst in the penalty box, you can’t play for a round.

Typically, players will aim for the empty net and try to get multiple goals.

10. Beeramid

The dealer makes a pyramid of cards face down on a table. The bottom row has seven cards, and the next has six, and so on, until you have one card on top.

The remaining cards are distributed evenly (or as evenly as possible) among the players. Each player has 10 seconds to look at and remember their cards, in the order they’re given.

The dealer turns over the first card of the pyramid, starting with the bottom row, and calls out the card. Any player who claims to have that card can tell another player to drink. The player who is told to drink (the “victim”) can either drink or call the other player’s bluff. In other words, the player who claimed to have that card may be lying. If the victim calls “bullshit,” the player must reveal the card in question. If the player doesn’t have the card, they drink twice. If the player does have the card, the victim drinks twice. And so on.

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