Best Portable BBQ: Cook something up anywhere

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Cooking in the outdoors is one of the best ways to enjoy summer. Sometimes, you will want to cook at the beach, park or even your neighbour’s house. We have endeavoured to find the best portable BBQ for days out and camping trips.


How to Choose a Portable BBQ

Before you buy a portable bbq, there are a few things you need to consider first. The first thing to consider, is how you want to fuel your portable bbq. You have a choice of charcoal of gas. Which one you choose makes a difference to the flavour of your food. Charcoal will give you the traditional smoky flavour, but gas is easier and quicker to use. It also helps you to keep consistency in your cooking. 

The size of your portable bbq is the next most important thing to look in to. So, you need to consider how you are going to transport it and how many people you are going to cook for. Obviously, the larger your new portable BBQ is, the heavier it will be. Additionally, you want it to be big enough to cook for everyone in one go. Cooking in batches is tiresome and eating tiny bits of food, while waiting for the next batch isn’t much fun.

You will notice that different portable BBQs give you different styles of cooking. When you cook without a lid on your portable BBQ, you are grilling or direct cooking. When cooking with the lid down, you are smoking the food to get the flavour

1. Weber Q2200

Weber is one of the most popular brands in the BBQ world and they make some of the best BBQ grills in the world.

The Webber 2200 is a great portable BBQ grill. It is very portable, easy to pack up and move around. It is a gas grill, therefore you will need to carry a gas bottle with you. However, this means it has a strong flame and makes cooking quicker and easier.

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2. Primus Kuchoma

The Primus Kuchoma is ideal for travelling with. This portable BBQ is small enough to take with you to campsites and picnics. But, it is large enough to cook quite a lot of food at once. It is also light enough to carry to your favourite picnic spot. You can use it for direct or indirect cooking, thanks to its lid, and it is very well made.

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3. Lotusgrill Charcoal Grill 340

The Lotusgrill Charcoal portable BBQ has a clever battery powered fan to get up to cooking temperature in under four minutes. It is also very efficient, as it cooks for up to an hour with just a small about of charcoal. It is also available in lots of different colours.

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4. Cobb Compact C0800

Used lots by our friends at ChefCampers, the Cobb Compact is a great charcoal portable BBQ. it is super versatile and it lets you grill, fry and bake. You can even roast a small chicken. One of the big bonuses of the Cobb Compact, is how easy it is to clean. The Teflon on the griddle is ridiculously slippy!

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5. Gentleman's Hardwear Suitcase BBQ

A portable BBQ doesn’t get much more portable than this. A small portable BBQ in the shape of a little suitcase, the Gentleman’s Hardware compact BBQ has a charcoal tray and a stainless steel grill, measuring 16cm X 25cm. This is perfect for a small grilling session out the back of your classic sports car.

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These are the best options you have for a portable BBQ. They are small, easy to transport and will make your food taste fantastic (depending on your cheffing skills). 

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