Easy Cheese Fondue Recipe

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Fondues are really social. Sitting round a pot bubbling away in the middle of the table with friends and family slows down the meal. This gives you loads of time to catch up while slowly slipping in to a cheese coma.

Rules of Fondue

First, you do need to be aware that tradition dictates that there are fondue rules:

1. If a man drops his bread in the pot, he has to buy a round of drinks.
2. If a woman drops hers, she has to kiss her neighbour.
3. Your fondu fork must only be used to transport food from the pot to your plate not to eat with. (It makes sense really, hygiene aside, that fork will be really hot!)
4. No double dipping!

So if your fondu forks don’t work very well, it could mean you have quite an interesting night.

It is that simple this tastes and easy cheese fondue recipe, will make sure everyone is fed with minimal fuss.

Easy Cheese Fondue Recipe

Dipping cubes of bread in melted cheese in the centre of your table is strangely satisfying. The most common cheese fondue is made up of Comte, beaufort and one or two other cheeses such as reblechon or abondance. To add to the rich flavour, some kirsch and a hint of garlic is added. This is a super easy cheese fondue recipe that doesn’t take much time or effort. It is a perfect way to have a sociable evening with some cheese loving friends.

Preparation time: 30 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Ingredients (for 4):
– 500 g of Beaufort
– 2 to 3 glasses of white wine
– 400 g comte
– 300 g Tome de Savoy
– 1/4 Reblochon cheese (optional)
– 1 small glass Of kirsch
– 1 teaspoon of corn flour
– 1 clove of garlic
– 1 crusty bread


Cut the bread into cubes.

Cut the cheese into strips, REMOVING THE RIND.

Reserve the reblochon until the end (it will be added at the end to tie all the cheeses).

Dissolve a spoon of corn flour in a small glass of kirsch.

Rub the pot with the garlic clove until the garlic is worn down.

Heat the white wine (medium heat), when it foams, lower the heat and gradually add the cheeses into slices, stirring with a wooden spoon.

When all the cheese is melted, add the reblochon, the kirsch and corn flour mix.

Turn the fondue burner on and place the pot on to it.


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