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Remember the ’90s? Baggy clothes, Gladiators, Andi Peters in the broom cupboard with Edd the Duck and then there was Friends. Chandler, Monica, Ross Joey, Rachel and Phoebe graced our T.V screens and was repeated over and over again on channel 4.  We all wondered how they afforded to live in those posh apartments and what did Chandler actually do for a living? Well, you can now ponder these burning issues with your very own Central Perk mugs. Here is our pick of the best Central Perk Mugs, and some Friends facts.

1. The Classic

This one has a simple design with your favourite coffee shop’s logo on the side.

The cast of six was originally meant to be four.

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2. The Tea Mug

It isn’t just about a trendy Mocha Choca latte espresso lattes. You can easily fit tea in to this mug.

Courteney Cox is the only regular cast member who never got an Emmy nomination for the show


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3. The Bowl Mug

This multi coloured Friends mug is a little more classy than the others.

Before the show had been cast, Monica and Joey were intended to be the central couple

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4. The Travel Mug

This take away travel mug is ceramic and is a pretty cool idea. It comes with a lid, so you don’t spill anything on the train.

For a long time, Friends was not allowed to show even a condom wrapper during the 8 p.m. slot

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5. The Personalised Mug

This is a nice variation of the classic mug, as you can have it personalised with your name. Pretend you were one of the cast sitting on the Central Perk sofa.

The orange sofa in Central Perk was found in the basement of Warner Bros. Studios

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