Gifts for a Chocolate Lover

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If you are a true chocolate lover, you will always find room for it. Most chocolate lovers have a secret stash at home, usually out of reach of their children. We have put together a list of gifts for a chocolate lover. There are things on this list that you can add to your secret stash for those chocolate emergencies.

1. Chocolate Anus

We are going to kick off with a truly unusual gift for a chocolate lover. The chocolate anus is a perfect way to finish a dinner party and to make it memorable. Don’t worry, they are not moulded from real anuses….we think.

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2. Chocolate Fountain

Watch the mesmerising melted chocolate cascade down three tiers while you dip in. Strawberries, banana and marshmallows all taste fantastic with melted chocolate. This is great for a social dessert, especially for kids.

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3. Cadbury Treasure Box

Ah remember when Freddos were 10p? With this Cadbury treasure box you can take a walk down memory lane to simpler times. 

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4. Chocolate Making Kit

Make your own chocolate at home with this kit. It is ideal for kids and adults alike. It is full of organic and vegan ingredients, so it is guilt free…kind of.

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5. Chocolate Pizza

This is 7″ of chocolatey goodness. Made with silky Belgian chocolate and topped with creamy white chocolate curls, brownie and vanilla fudge.

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6. Chocolate Tools

These may look like rusty old tools, but they are artisan chocolates, made with Trinitario cocoa beans. This makes them velvety smooth with naturally creamy taste.

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7. Chocolate Wine

This Tempranillo red wine has been combined with decadent dark chocolate for a velvety indulgent taste. It even comes with two wine glasses to drink it from.

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8. Chocolate Shot Glasses

Imagine sipping Bailey’s or Toffee vodka from these. These are great gifts for a chocolate lover that likes a little drink.

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9. Chocolate Sprouts

Don’t worry these are not sprouts dipped in chocolate. These have a milk chocolate centre and a realistic white chocolate outside. Could this be the best way to camouflage your chocolate to stop the kids wolfing it down?

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10. Hot Chocolate on a Spoon

Just stir this spoon in to hot milk and watch it turn in to lovely hot chocolate. This one even has marshmallow stuck to it, for that extra treat.

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