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Tea drinkers can be pretty serious about their favourite brew, especially if they are British. Therefore, if you know (or are) a tea connoisseur you may want to browse these gifts for tea drinkers. There will be something here for those moments of sitting down with a perfect cup of tea with your feet up.

1. Yorkshire Gold

Yorkshire Gold is the finest blend of Yorkshire tea. It is made up of three leaf origins from ten different tea gardens. The teas come from Assam for richness and body, Kenya for vibrancy, and Rwanda for its beautiful golden glow. This is a treat for any tea drinker.

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2. Ultimate Great British Afternoon Tea Hamper

Indulge in some of the finest accompaniments to an Afternoon Tea with this Hamper. It includes:

  • Mrs Bridges Special Blend Afternoon Tea (50g/20 Tea bags)
  • Cottage Delight Clotted Cream (85g)
  • Mrs Bridges Scottish Raspberry Preserve, Orange Marmalade, Scottish Strawberry Preserve, Lemon Curd, Scottish Blackcurrant Preserve

All you have to decide on is whether to put the cream or the jam on to your scones first

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3. Vintage Teasmade

This is a blast from the past! Wake up to freshly made tea in the morning with this Teasmade. This is one of the best gifts for tea drinkers, as it wakes them up in the morning with an alarm and their first cup of tea of the day. 

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4. Trendy Glass Tea Pot

This cool looking glass tea pot has a stainless steel tea infuser is ideal for the tea drinker. Just put the loose leaves in to the infuser, pour in the water and watch the infusion. 

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5. Oolong Tea Leaves Sampler

Here is a great way to try some different teas. This Oolang Tea Leaves Sampler has 25 servings of :

  • High Mountain Oolong Tea
  • Blue Mountain Oolong Tea
  • White Mountain Darjeeling
  • Oolong Tea
  • Maharani Oolong Chai Tea, Maharaja Earl Grey Oolong Tea


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6. Cat Tea Infuser

If you know a crazy cat person with a thing for drinking tea (we all do), this is a great gift. Put the tea inside the cat, hook it on the rim of the cup with its bum in the water. There are other animals to choose from including:

  • Squirrel
  • Sloth
  • Tea-Rex
  • Hippo
  • Otter
  • Dinosaur
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7. Yorkshire Git Mug

Perfect for the Yorkshireman at work, the Yorkshire Git mug will sit proudly on his desk or toolbox while he tells stories about “God’s Country” the Pennines and the M62.

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8. Make Your Own Tea Cosy

Making sure your tea pot stays warm enough for your next cup is very important. This book has instructions to make twenty different types of tea cosy. This is a must for crafty tea drinkers.

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9. Ring for Tea bell

Signal to those close to you that it is time for a brew with this bell. Train them to respond to the tinkle of the bell with a hot cup of tea made to your liking.

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10. USB Mug Warmer

This is one of those perfect gifts for tea drinkers. Some people let their tea go cold all too often. This may be due to work commitments or the fact they are new parents. So, this mug warmer plugs in to your computer and never lets your tea go cold.

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Do you know a tea drinker that would love one of these? Let us know your questions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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