Gifts Tequila Drinkers will Love

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Tequila is one of those drinks that you love or hate. But, Tequila drinkers are a certain breed of person and usually provide good entertainment, intentionally or not. Here is a great selection of gifts tequila drinkers will love.

1. Tequila Pistol Decanter Set

Get your party started with a bang. Open up the hand painted display box to reveal your pistol shaped decanter and five shot glasses. This is surely one of the best gifts tequila drinkers will love.

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2. Casamigos Mezcal

This is produced by none other than George Clooney. It has fresh herbal mint, dried oregano and thyme aromas in a balanced and elegant drink that offers harmonious hints of tamarind, pomegranate, banana and mango. This complex character is nuanced by delicate tones of smoke and hints of liquorice – and a long, silky finish. It’s got all the best smoky, dirty taste of the perfect mezcal, but smoother.


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3. Tequila Made Me Do It

This book is one of those perfect gifts for tequila drinkers. It features 60 cocktail recipes for Tequila and Mezcal. From the classic margarita and its hibiscus, Cadillac, and tamarind brethren, to a wide range of smoky, citrusy, and delectable cocktails, such as the Oaxacan Dead and Levitation. The recipes in this book are fun to create, but more fun to drink!

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3. Tequila Tasting Kit

We are firm believers of making sure you drink the best possible booze. With this tequila tasting kit, you can do back to back testing of five different types of tequila. This means you don’t have to buy whole bottles of something you may not like.

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4. Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Hand carved from high-quality natural pink rock salt that is mined from the Himalayas. They add a subtle salty flavour to your shot, taking the edge off the incoming spirit.

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5. Vodquila

You know when people say that you should never mix your drinks? Well, this stuff does it for you. This “genius” idea mixes vodka with the unmistakable taste of tequila, what could possibly go wrong.

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6. Rolling Stones Jose Cuervo

Made using only blue agave Experience toasty oak and agave, apple turnovers and wood spices on the nose. It has sweet wood spices, vanilla and agave notes with a sweet and spicy finish. Fit for Keef himself.

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7. Classic Margarita Set

Tequila doesn’t just have to be drunk neat with salt and lime of someone’s chest, you can put it in a cocktail too. Serve up margaritas the proper way with this classic margarita set.

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8. Frozen Margarita Machine

Create any combination of frozen drinks including margaritas, daiquiris and pina coladas. This is perfect for summer parties and barbecues.

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9. Mexican Tequila Dude

This Mexican fancy dress costume not only looks good, but it is practical too. The bandoliers have loops for your shot glasses and it has two bottle holsters for quick access to your booze.

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10. Mezcal Lajita Miniature with worms

You know when you have finished the bottle of tequila and your friend has swallowed the worm, you get the feeling you have missed out? Well, with these miniature bottles of Mezcal, you get a worm each! SO , you will never feel like you have missed out again.

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Which is your favourite? Let us know your questions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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