How to make cooking easier: Clever ways to save time and eat well

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We are always looking for ways to make our lives easier. One of the areas we can really make life easier is in the kitchen. We have found some great products that allow us to do this. Here is our guide to make cooking easier. 

How to Make Cooking Easier

The main purpose of this post is to show you how to make cooking easier. When life in the kitchen is easier, you can make better food more quickly. You can also get the washing up done quicker, so you don’t miss your favourite TV show. We have found some excellent things that will make life in the kitchen easier.

Clip on Colander

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Have you ever tipped all of your freshly cooked pasta in to the sink when trying to strain it? With this clip on colander, you will never have the problem again. This silicone colander securely  clips over pretty much any of your pots, pans or bowls. The clips are secure, even when you are straining the biggest portion of pasta. The clips are also designed to not scratch delicate bowls, Another advantage of this clip on colander, is that it is a great space saver, as it is less bulky than a traditional colander.

Ergonomic Pizza Cutter

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When you get to a point when you don’t really want to cook, but you have an “emergency pizza”  in the freezer, you are thankful for an easy night in (and a beer). This ergonomic pizza cutter is the solution to the problem you didn’t realise you had. It is an easy to hold pizza cutter, that makes it super easy to make sure you get all the way through the thickest of doughs. It also comes apart for easy cleaning. This ergonomic pizza cutter makes life in the kitchen easier.

Flat Whisk

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This isn’t exactly revolutionary, but how annoying is it when your traditional balloon whisk won’t let you close the kitchen drawer?! The other advantage of this whisk, is that it is easier to clean than a balloon whisk. You will use this more than you think.

Chop & Drain Chopping board

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This chopping board’s simple design is genius. It has an integrated colander at one end, allowing you to easily drain or wash food. It also has raised edges to catch crumbs, so they don’t end up all over your kitchen floor.

Instant Pot

instant pot
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The Instant Pot is a fantastic way to make cooking easier. Because of its versatility, the Instant Pot is freeing up time in kitchens all over the world. It is an electric pressure cooker, but depending on which one you buy you get a lot of functionality including:

  • Pressure cooker, Steamer, warmer
  • Rice cooker, Slow cooking, Egg cooker
  • Sauteeing, Browning
  • Yogurt, Cake maker and Steriliser

Amazon Echo

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The Amazon Echo is a great device for making cooking easier. It is ideal for setting timers, looking for recipes and it can even control lots of modern cooking devices. Click here to see how you can make life in the kitchen easier with an Amazon Echo.

Keep your kitchen safe

We all know it is important to keep everything clean in our kitchens. Sometimes it is easy to let things slip, either by forgetting to do something or just a bit of laziness. However, there are some ways to make kitchen hygiene easier.

Cross contamination is a great way to get a dodgy stomach. This  is when harmful bacteria is transferred to food from other foods. This can happen when you use the same chopping board or cooking utensils for vegetables as raw meat. But, there are ways to prevent this.

7 in 1 Winged Sirius Extra Large Bamboo Wood Chopping Board

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Bamboo is a very durable material. It is strong and resists fungal and mould growth better than any other wood. It also look pretty nice. But, this chopping board also has 6 colour coded plastic chopping boards hidden inside. These will remind you to not chop your cucumber on the board you have just sliced raw chicken on. The other advantage of this neat little package, is that is saved space in your kitchen.

Knife Block

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A knife block is a really good idea. Keeping your knives in one of these means you are less likely to cut your fingers getting them out of a drawer. Also, if you have been handling raw meat, you can just grab your knife from the block, rather than touching the drawer handle, which spreads germs.

This knife block from HOBO is a really nice option. The knives are made of food grade high quality stainless steel. Which resists corrosion and rusting. The sturdy wooden holder is also very safe.

This knife set has all the basic components and accessories, you need in the kitchen. It includes:

  • Knife sharpener
  • Chef knife
  • Bread knife
  • Slicing knife
  • Six steak knifes
  • Utility knife
  • Paring knife
  • Scissors

Silicone Oven Gloves

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Using silicone for oven gloves is a great idea. This is because it is so much more hygienic than traditional cotton oven glove material. To clean them, you just have to rinse them with water. They are also safer to use, as silicone is waterproof. This means they won’t hold water that gets hot when you use them, resulting in scalded hands.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Whenever you are cooking, you run the risk of spreading harmful bacteria all over the place. Even after washing your hands, you can speed it. One way of reducing the spread of nasty germs is with an automatic soap dispenser. Just place your hand under the nozzle and the perfect amount of soap will squirt out on to your hand. This prevents you from touching a pump action soap dispenser with dirty hands.

Look after your Kitchen

Using all the stuff in your kitchen will lead to wear and tear after a while. There are a few things you can do and use to delay wear and tear. You will notice that silicone features a lot in the various products that you can buy for the kitchen. This is because it is naturally antibacterial. It is also strong enough to scrape pots and pans, but soft enough to not scratch them.

Silicone Kitchen Utensils

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Scraping your pans with metal kitchen utensils will scratch them. This means the anti stick coating will not work properly and make your cooing inconsistent and more difficult, not to mention the washing up. These silicone kitchen utensils will prevent these scratches, making your pans last much longer.

Reusable Nonstick Cooking Mat

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These are a great idea! You know when you get those annoying drips on the bottom of your oven that can be a real pain to clean up? Well these will make cleaning your oven a whole lot easier. Just place open of these on the bottom and they will prevent those crusty burnt bits from sticking to it. Then just rinse them off after each use. 

Silicone Sink Strainer

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One of the most frustrating things about cooking and cleaning in your kitchen is a blocked sink. This silicone sink strainer allows full flow down the plug hole, even when it is full of food particles. Once you are finished, simply clean it out. It has a clever design that prevents food sneaking down the plug hole .

Silicone Scrubbers

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You have probably noticed that silicone is a very effective material in the kitchen. But, did you know you can use it to clean your pots and pans? These antibacterial silicone scrubbers are designed to scrub dishes or veggies. They are very hygienic too, as silicone antibacterial and prevents build up of mould. 

Would you use any of these in your kitchen? Please let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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