How to Sneak Alcohol in to a Festival: 14 Ingenious Ways

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Festivals are expensive places. Not only do you have to buy your ticket, camping gear and everything else accosted with it, you have to fork out for expensive drinks. To make things a bit cheaper, you take your own booze. This is great for when you are in your tent, but getting your favourite tipple past security is a challenge. You can try, but if you get caught, they may take away your booze and that is just a waste. There are a few ways to get round this. Here is our guide on how to sneak alcohol in to a festival.

1. Water Bottle

how to sneak alcohol in to a festival

The simplest way to sneak alcohol in to a festival is to pour it in to a water bottle. In fact, buy a pack of bottled water. Replace the water in some of the bottles with a clear alcohol. Mark the “fun” bottles with a subtle telltale on the bottom. This will prevent you from downing a load of vodka accidentally.

Doing this will look more authentic and will help if there are any spot checks. 

2. Hydration Pack

Fill your hydration pack with a clear alcohol. This is a great solution, as you need to be “hydrated” and it will give you already supply of booze close to hand. Additionally, you get hands-free drinking. Which is ideal for dancing, head banging and carrying your mate on your shoulders.

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3. Gummy Bears

how to sneak alcohol in to a festival

Gummy bears are a very clever way of sneaking alcohol in to a festival. This takes a few days of preparation, but it is very easy to do. Buy a bag of gummy bears and a bottle of vodka Place the bears into a glass container and fill it with vodka so it is equal to the gummy bears. Cover with cling film and place in the fridge for three days. You should visit them every now and again to give them a stir. If you don’t, you will get a big solid block of gelatine.

4. Sun Cream Flask

These genius booze disguises are one of our favourite ways to sneak alcohol in to a festival. They come with a little funnel, so you don’t spill any while filling them up. They look very genuine and will not rouse suspicion.

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5. Boozy Deodorant

This very convincing can of Lynx will not be considered to be a secret stash of booze Therefore, it is a very effective way to sneak alcohol in to a festival. However, don’t forget actual deodorant, you know how smelly people get at festivals.

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6. Hair Brush Flask

A duel purpose item, that helps maintain your blood-alcohol level as well as your hair. 

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7. Oranges

This sneaky option is a little bit more involved than some of the other methods on this list. It also relies on some tools.. All you need is your booze of choice, a bag of oranges, and a syringe. Simply fill the syringe with your booze and inject it into the oranges. Vodka works best!

8. Binoculars Flask

Binoculars are ideal for getting a glimpse of your favourite artist from the back of the crowd. However, these binoculars are actually just a clever flask so you can sneak alcohol in to a festival.

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9. Tampon Flask

These secret flasks don’t allow you to stash as much booze as some of our other tips, but if you have enough on hand they can keep you adequately topped up all day. These are very discreet and nobody will be checking them.

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10. Bury your Booze

how to sneak alcohol in to a festival

This takes some planning and effort. It works best if you live near to the festival venue. Go to the site a few days before the festival is due to be built and bury your booze in a strategic place inside where the walls are going to be. Make sure you remember exactly where you bury it and mark it subtly to make sure. You may want to put it in bin bags or a cool box to make sure it is protected.

11. Umbrella Flask

Another great way to sneak alcohol in to a festival is with this umbrella flask. We all know that festivals can attract the worst weather. Security will just think you are being prepared.

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12. Wine "Rack"

If you don’t mind your booze being a little warm the Wine Rack is a great way to sneak alcohol in to a festival. It works like the hydration pack, but is less obvious.

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13. Bangle Flask

The bangle flask is a handy way to have a few sips while at the festival. They come in a few different styles, to match your festival outfit.

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14. Shampbooze

The Shampbooze bottles are sealable for extra authenticity. They will Neve cause any suspicion when sneaking booze past security.

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How to make the most of offers on alcohol for festivals

Now you know how to sneak alcohol in to a festival. But, there are a few things you can do to reduce your drinking costs further. Whether it is chilling in your tent, wandering the campsite or taking it to the stage, having easily accessible booze  without having to queue at the bar for ages is going to up your festival enjoyment ten fold. It is also going to be a lot cheaper.

The shops outside many festival sites have lots of offers on beer and cider.  You may decide to pick up some booze from one of the local shops on your way there. However, these are still going to be more expensive than your supermarket shop.

Usually around June/early July the summer alcohol deals start to appear.  Check your local supermarkets both in person and online to find the best deals. 

If you shop online (everyone should!) add your beer/cider of choice to your favourites and check every week for the price to drop. If you don’t, just make sure you sneak around the beer aisle, or alternatively check out festival forums for chatter on when the booze deals land. You can also keep an eye on Amazon Fresh for potential savings.

What Alcohol to take to a festival

Your choice of booze comes down to your own personal preference. However, there are some good rules of thumb that work well. Sharing with your tent mates is the best way of saving money. and getting a good selection of booze. Decide what you want to take with you, and work out how much it will cost between you. Stock up on the alcohol, transport to festival site and share the carrying and drinking!

It is good to take a few different types of booze with you. A whole weekend of just beer or cider can get a bit much. Think about taking a box of wined some spirits. You can even get pre mixed G n’ T and Jack Daniels and Ginger.


Be Careful

Sorry to get all serious, but festivals are an endurance event and physically demanding. Everyone wants a good time, but getting yourself in to a such a mess, you are sick in your sleeping bag is no fun. You really don’t want to miss out because you are confined to your tent with a hangover either. Only drink alcohol you have bought into the festival yourself, from trusted friends or from the official bars on site – there are non officials selling drinks, jelly shots etc, but it isn’t worth taking the risk.

Keep hydrated with something other than alcohol too. Portaloos at 5am, hungover/drunk, feeling dehydrated are not pleasant.

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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