Mr Coffee Coffee Makers: The best seller, but why?

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Mr Coffee coffee makers are now well known for being well priced quality machines. There are quite a lot of coffee makers to choose from in the Mr Coffee range, but the Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup is one of the best selling. We decided to find out why, by having an in-depth look at it.

Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup Thermal


  • Simple to use
  • Value for money, especially thanks to the permanent filter option
  • The added water filter saves you filtering your water prior to using it
  • Pre-programmable
  • Fast brewing


  • Not great if you like particularly strong coffee
  • Noisy
  • It does produce a lot of stem from the back. This means you have to pull it out from underneath your cabinets while its brewing


This Mr Coffee Coffee maker has the quality features you would expect from a machine from this manufacturer.

It makes very nice coffee, but you may be disappointed if you like your coffee strong.

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Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup Overview

This is the best selling Mr Coffee coffee maker. Mr Coffee says:

The optimal brew coffee maker is designed to extract the fullest flavour possible. It combines a high brew temperature of up to 205 degrees Celsius and a faster brew speed resulting in nothing short of exceptional tasting coffee

The Mr Coffee Optima Brew 10 cup coffee maker is priced slightly lower than other mid range machines. This makes it not cheap, but not expensive either. However, it is at a price that you still want to make sure it is the right coffee maker for you before you buy.

Features of the Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup

  • Removable water reservoir: An essential feature that allows you to fill and empty.
  • Thermal carafe technology: This is a fancy way of saying that this Mr Coffee coffee maker will keep your coffee hot for ages.
  • Water filtration ready: This means that the water you add in to the reservoir is filtered before it goes in to coffee. Therefore, you don’t need to pre-filter the water.
  • Daily brew timer: Allows you to schedule your coffee for when you want it.
  • Freshness timer: You really don’t want to be drinking stale coffee. Therefore, this Mr Coffee coffee machine will tell you when your coffee is past its best.
  • Auto shut off: This saves energy and gives you peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to remember to switch it off.
  • Grab a Cup auto pause: If you are desperate for a coffee and don’t want to wait for the coffee machine to fill up its jug, you can pause it to pour yourself a cup.
  • Cleaning cycle feature: This Makes sure your Mr Coffee coffee machine is clean. It actually tells you when it needs cleaning ensuring it is hygienic and your coffee tastes good.
  • Lift and Clean filter basket: Once it has told you that it needs cleaning, it makes life very easy. Just lift out the filter basket and clean it.
  • Optimal brew time: This Mr Coffee coffee machine gives you 10 cups of coffee within 10 minutes

Who should buy the Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup?

The Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup is ideal for those that want a hassle free coffee maker. It is easy to clean, use and set up. If you like the idea of being able to schedule when your coffee is ready, this is the one for you.

It would actually be very good for a coffee loving family, or a small office environment.

Who should not buy the Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup?

If you like your coffee strong, you should look elsewhere. Yes, it produces great tasting coffee, but it does some out a bit weak. Even if you add extra coffee in to it, it never seems to get a very dense flavour out of it.

mr coffee coffee maker
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The Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup Design

This Mr Coffee coffee maker is actually a very nice looking machine. It is has a shiny faux chrome and stainless steel finish. It is relatively slim and not very deep. This means that this Mr Coffee coffee machine should fit on most kitchen worktops.

The design of the Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup also lends itself to convenience. The reservoir slides out very easily and makes it simple to fill. Additionally, the filter basket is just a small drawer that pulls out. This makes it very easy to change the filter and just drop the old one in the bin with minimal fuss.

In the centre of this Mr Coffee coffee maker, is a large cradle and flat base that holds the coffee pot. It has a strong steel frame that makes it easy to pour your coffee from. This is due to its lid that swivels on and tightly locks.

The pot also has a big thumb button on the handle. You need to press this to let your coffee flow out of it.

Using the Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup

The Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup is very simple to operate. There is  square “brew now” button on the front. All you need to do is fill the water reservoir and add the appropriate amount of coffee grounds to the filter, The filter basket can take either flat-bottomed paper filters or permanent gold filters. Once you have filled it up with water and coffee grounds, press the brew button, then wait 7 minutes for 10 cups of coffee.

Final Thoughts on the Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 Cup

The Mr Coffee Optimal Brew 10 cup is a great coffee machine for a home or small office. It isn’t great if you like strong coffee, but it will do the job for most coffee drinkers.

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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