Panasonic Bread Maker: Should you buy the SD-ZB2512?

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This Panasonic bread maker has 28 bake and dough modes, a raisin/nut dispenser to evenly distribute them through your nice soft loaf. It also has an automatic  yeast dispenser. This releases the yeast at the perfect time, to give you a fluffy or dense loaf. You can even choose how brown you want your bread to come out of the machine!

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  • Excellent bread
  • Sourdough feature
  • Automatic yeast and raisin/nut dispenser


  • Pricy
  • Not particularly fast
  • No custom programme



This Panasonic bread maker is high end and will impress. However,  its new sourdough feature could be better.

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Panasonic Bread Maker Design and Features

This model has the typical Panasonic bread maker look. It is well built, with a brushed stainless steel casing and a black lid. With its narrow profile and depth, it doesn’t take up too much kitchen work top space. In true Panasonic bread maker style, it is feature rich, with lots of programmes. Its automatic dispenser for yeast, means you don’t have to worry about your yeast touching the salt too early or whether you put the flour all over the base. There is also an additional dispenser that drops in raisins, nuts etc at the correct time.

This new version includes  two plastic sourdough cups. Simply fill one of the cups with the necessary ingredients and then leave the cup in the bread maker for 24 hours. The sourdough program allows the culture to grow in this time. Once it has grown, you can start making the dough for your sourdough loaf.

You can make lots of different types of bread using the appropriate programs. It also comes with a second kneading blade designed for recipes that use rye and spelt flours.

It has a  timer that lets you delay some programs for up to 13 hours, so you can make sure you get warm bread at exactly the right time.

Using the Panasonic Bread Maker

The normal programs are just like any other Panasonic bread maker. This is a bit of an understatement, as Panasonic  make the best bread makers.

We really like how well made this Panasonic bread maker is. We like how it adds the yeast at the correct time all by itself. The bread recipes are excellent and varied.

The addition of the yeast dispenser and a fruit and nut dispenser on the lid, cleaning the the Panasonic bread maker is going to get a little trickier and there is no room for a viewing window. However, this is a small trade off to get better bread and really shouldn’t put you off.

One thing you may find frustrating, is the time it takes to for the programs to complete. This is because they have a built in initial rest time to allow the ingredients to get to room temperature. The rapid function still takes nearly two hours but the timing the Panasonic bread maker uses provide you with outstanding results. For example, there is six hour French bread option. This may seem excessively long, but the results are worth the wait. It is just a case of getting your timings right.

Should you buy this Panasonic Bread Maker?

If you want the top-of-the-range bread maker from the top manufacturer of these machines, then look no further. You will not be disappointed.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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