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If you haven’t heard of Ridgemonkey, prepare to be enlightened. Ridgemonkey was formed in early 2014. They have a range of thoughtful products originally aimed at anglers. However, Ridgemonkey products are not just for those that like to stand in cold water drowning maggots. They are very popular with campers, and outdoor enthusiasts too. Here is our pick of the top cooking products from Ridgemonkey.

1. Ridgemonkey Connect Combi and Steamer Set


The Ridgemonkey Connect Combi and Steamer set is ideal for camping. This is because  you can cook a whole meal in just one pan. It has a traditional deep-sided frying pan, a four-section multi-purpose pan and removable steamer tray. This means the RidgeMonkey Connect Combi and Steamer Set will help you to create a different offering every day. You even get a free recipe book.


Combi Connect Features

  • 1x flat-bottomed frying pan
  • 1x four-section multi-purpose pan
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Sleek Gunmetal Grey finish
  • Fluoropolymer non-stick coating
  • Ridged exterior for even heat transfer
  • Detachable hinge system
  • Removable handles with NEW protective pouch
  • 300mm x 255mm x 70mm (handles removed)
  • 440mm x 255mm x 70mm (handles fitted)

Steamer Tray Features

  • One piece BPA-free construction
  • Heat resistant food grade materials
  • Three partitioned sections
  • Converts the Connect Combi into a food steamer
  • Approximate Dimensions:
  • H15mm x W220mm x D250mm

Using a Ridgemonkey Connect Combi and Steamer Set

As you can see, this is a very easy thing to use. The main benefit, is that you have less to wash up and to carry, which is always a good thing when travelling light.

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2. Ridgemonkey Quad Connect Stove Primary Head


The Ridgemonkey Quad Connect Stove Primary Head is an innovative camping stove. It has a quadrilateral design. Its four folding legs and unique quick release connector allow independent use of a second stove head on the same gas cylinder. It is a very high powered stove delivering amazing performance. The Ridgemonkey Quad Connect Stove
Primary Head is very stable and versatile.


  • Super stable quadrilateral design
  • Height adjustable folding legs
  • Twin high power output
  • Self-sealing quick release connector
  • EUIPO registered design
  • Inclusive carry bag and handle supports
  • Available in 3 versions
  • Full Kit, Primary Head or Secondary Head

You can see from the video above the Ridgemonkey Quad Connect Stove has a few cool features. We like the pan rest and levelling capabilities.

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3. Ridgemonkey Sandwich Toaster

The Ridgemonkey sandwich toaster has a unique detachable hinge system. This means the pans can be used independently. The handles are easily removable and the pans have a fluoropolymer non-stick coating. This isn’t just a sandwich toaster though, as it can be used to make a full meal too. There is a choice of two sizes to suit your needs.


  • Lightweight die-cast aluminum
  • Fluoropolymer non-stick coating
  • Ridged exterior for even heat transfer
  • Cool touch lockable handles
  • Can be used on all traditional stoves

This is another great product from Ridgemonkey that lets you make snacks and meals easily with minimum fuss and washing up.

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What to you think of RidgeMonkey products? Please let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

Tips For Cooking Outside

Just because you are out and about, cooking doesn’t have to be difficult. With these tips, you will be able to cook in the outdoors with the minimum of fuss.

  • Measure your ingredients out and put them in biodegradable ziplock bags. This way everything is ready, saving you time
  • You can prepare things like soups, and stews in advance. Then all you need to do is reheat them.
  • Heavy duty aluminium foil is a very versatile thing to take with you on a trip. You can use it to keep cooking racks etc nice and clean
  • Make sure you keep gas canisters upright and never use them in your tent or an enclosed area
  • Freeze any meat that you want to take with you before putting it in a cool box. This way it will last much longer.
  • When cooking outside, remember to cover you’re pots. This way your food will cook quicker
  • Everything you keep in a cool box should be stored in  watertight bags or containers
  • Don’t store food at ground level. This will keep it safe form animals.
  • Put oil on your grill to stop food sticking, making it easier to clean
  • Take ready made camping food with you, such as the range from Wayfarer. This will make life much easier
  • Boil another pan of water while you are eating. This will give you something to wash up with when you are finished
  • To make sure burgers cook more evenly, poke a hole in the middle. The hole will disappear while cooking, but the middle will be as cooked as the rest of the burger
  • Use separate cool boxes for drink and food. This way when you grab a beer you won’t be taking the lid off the food box all the time
  • If you have any leftovers at the end of your trip, put them in an omelet for breakfast. Pretty much anything goes in an omelette and you won’t have to take them away with you
  • Pre-chop ingredients and put them ziplock bags at home to make cooking more convenient

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