The Best Ninja Blender for You: The Ninja Nutri 1500W Duo Blender

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Ninja make some of the best kitchen appliances, and their blenders satisfy the public’s appetite for smoothies, soups and anything that needs chopping up in the kitchen.

Ninja Blenders Overview

Ever since Ninja blenders have offered its customers features usually found in more expensive products form other manufacturers. In this review, we have had an in-depth look in to the Nutri Ninja 1500W Blender Duo. This is one of the best selling blenders on the market and we wanted to see why.

How to Choose the Best Ninja Blender

First of all, in order to make sure you choose the best Ninja blender for you, there are a few things you need to consider.

You need to know what you are going to use your Ninja blender for. If it is going to be used regularly, you need something durable. If it is to be used all the time in a professional manner, a commercial blender is the best choice.

What you want to make with your blender, will make a difference to which Ninja blender you choose. There are blenders with different blades for different purposes.

Our Choice for the Best Ninja Blender

Nutri Ninja 1500W Blender Duo

Why you should consider the Nutri Ninja 1500

If you are looking for a good blender for home use. The Nutri Ninja 1500 is one you should consider and here is why.


  • 1500 watts of power driving the blades between 2800 and 20,000 RPM. For a blender, this very powerful. Many blenders only produce 200 watts. Which means they struggle to crush ice or tough whole fruits. 
  • Auto-iQ’s pre-set programmes pulse, pause and blend, deliver the best results for each attachment and your ingredients.
  • Two functions. A larger capacity pitcher to make sharing portions, and an integrated Nutri Ninja to create personal sized drinks and smoothies.
  • Perfect for making frozen drinks, cocktails, desserts, soups and smoothies.
  • It has a large 72 Oz pitcher allowing you to make large batches of smoothies and juices.
  • Three different sized cups with sealable lids. So, you can take various sizes of drinks out with you when you are on the move.
  • Two types of excellent blades for optimum results. These blades, will crush any ingredients you feed them. The first set of blades are the “Total Crushing” blades. These are ideal for crushing ice. The second set of blades are the “Pro Extractor” blades. These break down fruit and veg in a way that means you get all the nutrients.
  • There is recipe book with 75 recipes included. Each recipe is very easy to follow. Additionally, they are categorised in order of the health benefits you want.
  • The Nutri Ninja 1500W Duo is very easy to clean. This is because all the detachable items can go in the dishwasher.


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Auto-ID in a Nutshell

The Auto-ID feature has five different auto programs and three different manual programs.  This basically gives you a one touch system that automates what you want to make. Each program has a different pattern of pulses, that give you the best results for what you are making.

The main point of this is to ensure that you get all the nutrients from the fruit and veggies you put in to the blender. This also extracts all the flavour from the ingredients.

There is a digital countdown time, to let you know how long  is left on the Auto-ID program. When in manual mode, the timer counts the number of seconds for each pulse, blending and pulse.

The Auto-ID feature takes all of the guess work out your blending. Just choose the required program and let it do its thing.


It is a best seller for a reason. The Nutri Ninja 1500W Duo is the best Ninja blender for those who want a quality blender with lots of versatility. 

It isn’t the cheapest blender, but it packs a punch for the money. It works very well and can stand up to other blenders that are twice the price.

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Now you know all about the Ninja, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “The Best Ninja Blender for You: The Ninja Nutri 1500W Duo Blender

  1. Akshay says:

    Wow, that’s an awesome post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the product and watching the informative video. It will really help me in making a buying decision soon.

    Your analysis of product specification is in-depth and comprehensive. In fact, I should share this with my other families in my apartment who are looking for similar products.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful product review. 

    1. admin says:

      Hi Ashkay,

      Thanks for your comment. We are glad we could be of help. Happy blending!

  2. Faheem says:

    It looks nice and what seems most appealing to me is the auto-id system. The less work you have to put in, the better. Isn’t that the whole purpose behind getting a blender anyway? So that you have to do less work in the kitchen. I personally don’t have that much experience with blenders, but if I were to pick one, this one looks quite solid as a whole. Strong enough to suffice you with everything you’ll ever have to blend, but not as expensive as commercial blenders.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Faheem,

      Thanks for your comment. It is a great blender and ideal for most homes.


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