Global Career Counsellor Certification | Career Counselling

The Global Career Counsellor Certification from UCLA Extension is an all-in-one guide to know about career counselling from techniques and trends to best practices.

It covers in detail about possible career choices, colleges to be targeted, admission processes, courses, which exams to take, etc. This program consists of everything that one needs to know to become a successful career counsellor.

This certification enables individuals to hone their skills as a certified career counsellor and assist students in making responsible decisions for their future.

By being GCC certified, you open doors to a bright future and a world of opportunities. Through GCC, one can work for progressive schools, reputed universities, established consultancies or even set up their own venture.

GCC is Asia’s first Global Career Counselling Program in partnership with UCLA Extension. It covers 15 modules over a duration of 40+ hours of online training. The modules focus on practical learning throughout with an increased focus on real-life parent-student problems. Just by being GCC certified, you will be able to unlock a number of career opportunities





  • Share your updated CV with our team
  • Mention what do you aspire to become
  • Make your CV shine by support from our dedicated team of counsellors


  • Earn a World Class Qualification from a top-ranked University- UCLA Extension
  • Become certified in Career counselling and College planning at the same time
  • Be globally recognized by reputed schools and universities


  • Gain respect from students and parents alike
  • Be noticed in your institution for your contribution
  • Become an expert in advising higher studies career options
  • Gain knowledge to guide students to study in countries like US, UK and Australia
  • Equip yourself by getting latest and most up to date information in Career Counseling


  • Gain expert guidance while setting up your own career counselling venture
  • Access Psychometric tests, a dedicated website, professional presentations and much more!
  • Build credibility and promote your brand in association with Univariety
  • Obtain market guidance for pricing according to your city of operation
  • Your students get session invite from universities across the globe, research tool accesses, regular updates and what not!


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