How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally For Improved Heart Health

Many variables are associated with heart health. What we eat, the amount of stress in our lives, the type of exercise we get, or our family history are some of the variables. We can observe some things, such as eating properly, exercising, reducing stress, drinking alcohol, and smoking. All of these things happen to most of us, but what happens is that the National Institutes of Health and the American Heart Association say that when half of the American adults show high cholesterol in the blood; 200 mg / dL or more?

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Despite the serious side effects of statins, more than 34 million Americans in the United States are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs such as Lipitor, Crestor, Chocor, and others to reduce cholesterol. What is the association of statin to harmful drugs? First, they inhibit the production of significant CoQ10 benefits.

This enzyme, called CoQ10, is required in the cellular energy field of every major organ, especially the heart, among others. In addition, it significantly impairs memory and damage neurons. Muscle pain is the most common illness in patients who use statin drugs. It seems logical to block the production of enzymes needed for muscle energy. This should be very troublesome because our hearts are the most important muscles in the body.

We all go on vacation, but did you know that December is the bloodiest month of a heart attack on New Year’s Day? The foundation of fat and cheerful whole-fat foods is the foundation for this phase of the year. Researchers at the University of California at San Diego say people who spend time on holiday management have a higher heart rate.


What is the culprit for these tragedies? Incredibly, in the beginning, something really is useful for our body. But like everything in life, a lot of good things are not good. The body cannot exist without cholesterol, a fat product produced by the liver that is essential for tissue and cell repair.

Problems arise when fat is transferred back to the liver for recycling. There is actually only one type of fat, but the medical profession has divided it into two categories. First, lipoproteins are lipids with proteins. Since our blood does not combine with cholesterol, cholesterol binds to additional proteins that go into the fat and bloodstream.

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There are two forms of fat reported by the medical industry:

High-density lipoprotein (HDL), called “effective” cholesterol because it carries cholesterol and tissue from the arteries to the liver.

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) has the reputation of “bad” cholesterol because it can shrink through the cortex of the arteries and can be damaged and irritated as it is oxidized (approaching rust in a vehicle or turning the color of a banana black).

Once the damage is done, chemicals are released to trigger the healing process that causes arterial tightening and clot formation. White blood cells are then called to multiply damaged fragments and damaged cells. Scars develop over a short period of time, resulting in arteries called plaques. If these scars continue to develop, it reduces blood pressure, which reduces blood pressure.

The key to keeping healthy and safe fat numbers is to maintain a good ratio of good cholesterol and total fat. When dividing the number of cholesterol by your HDL, this number should be higher, less than 5; No amount of it can double the chance of heart disease.

Why take statins when natural foods are found to reduce cholesterol in the desired way? These nutritional supplements will help you get enough exercise and a healthy lifestyle to live a better and more productive life. It is never too late or too late to start. Diets that should be considered are natural and effective and contain essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, fiber, Q10, garlic, all B vitamins, and soy proteins.

Various Symptoms of Bradycardia

If you find that your heart does not beat 60 to 100 beats per minute, you have a heart condition known as a slow heart. Although some people with low heart rate may not have any problems, it is still important to treat them and take care of your heart. How can you do this if you do not know what are the signs of different heartbeats?

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Here are some signs of heart failure. Check with your doctor to see if you are experiencing any of these conditions.

  • Chest Pain – Tingling in your chest may be a sign of this heart condition as the heart is not beating properly.
  • If you have frequent dizziness, you may also experience heart failure as there is enough oxygen-filled blood to reach your brain and other parts of the body.
  • Always feel dizzy.
  • There will always be shortness of breath.
  •  You too will have trouble sleeping. In most cases, it disturbs your sleep, as you will also experience signs of heart failure, including wheezing.
  • When performing certain physical activities, you can easily become tired and weak.
  • Another sign indicates that you are always confused or having a bad memory.

If you have these symptoms, it is important to check your health. In fact, there are some cases that can lead to a slow heart attack or death. Taking care of your body, especially the heart is vital. If an error occurs on this device, all parts are affected. So before the worst thing to happen, check the medication and take it if needed. As they say, prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?

Heart Disease –  Killer of Women Over 25

Go Red for Woman is a national campaign by the American Heart Association to raise awareness of heart disease that has killed more than 25 women in the United States.

Heart Disease General

Taking care of your heart is really only taking care of your health. Be fully aware of it. Start by educating yourself about food and nutrition. Make sure you eat less packaged foods and include more fruits and vegetables into your diet. When preparing your meals, you have complete control over what is going on in your plate and in your body.

We all know that these extra weights are not good for your health or your heart. But what you do about it is different. It seems that a large number of people are once worried about their weight and looking for a skinny dysfunctional diet in a few weeks. Avoid deactivating any foods. Even if you lose a little weight, you can restore it to a place where it will quickly change, but more importantly, a food accident can cause more stress on your body, including your heart.

The long-term solution is to change the lifestyle. Doing this will be easier than you think. The next time you go to the grocery store, make sure your carriage is filled with all sorts of stores instead of the middle lanes where you have pre-packaged and prepared meals. As you move from the middle corridors, processed foods will not enter your vehicle, enter the shelves, and enter your body. If you don’t know what to make of most fresh vegetables, make sure to head to the restaurant that serves a menu full of vegan foods. If you know people who are there or are friendly, tell the waiter that you want to taste one of their best vegetable dishes. Well-prepared vegetable dishes can surprise you with as much as you like. This is a great way to get a good idea of ​​how to make similar dishes at home.

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The other half of the lifestyle change will benefit your health and your heart. Get out and walk often. Here’s an idea. All the big cities and small towns have historical significance that they want to see by walking around the city. You will see a lot, you will learn some things you never knew before, and you want to do it again because you have fun touring experience. Of course, walking is not the only exercise you can do. Growing and nurturing a garden is a great activity, as well as getting the fruits of fresh vegetables. Instead of moving the car with a car wash, wash it off.

Once you become more active, you can surprise yourself and start to experience many things you never thought of before. Fun gastric and more you want. Being active and engaging in different things is a great way to relieve tension. Everyone has a hard day or two at the office. Focusing your attention on things that have nothing to do with working perfectly will help you make it that far. Then there is always a bath of hot bubbles and scented candles.

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