What makes an Infant care perfect


With growing culture of working parents, the significance of day care centers has increased. Day cares serve as second home for children. A good day care must provide friendly atmosphere, safe environment and good infrastructure. A child spends a great deal of his/her time in these centers daily and this makes them utterly important in a child’s development. Numerous day care centers have upsurged today, making selection more difficult. Few of the important factors that can make any day care stand out are given below:


Up-to-date with licenses and courses

Government of any country or state lays down guidelines and issues licenses for any organization. A licensed facility signifies that the day care centre is safe and follows all regulations enforced by the state. Every infant care services provider should procure these licenses. They should abide by all the guidelines and handy details of the licenses and guidelines should be present for all the visitors/parents. The facility should be up-to-date with the latest courses in child development and child care.


Qualified and skilled staff

No unqualified or under qualified person should be hired. The staff should be certified and trained in child care. The training should comprise of first aid, emergency, child safety and upbringing. Only a trained professional can provide secure and friendly atmosphere to an infant. They will be confident and concerned with the infant’s feeding habits, health and activities.Trained individuals help in development of the child by motivating and helping them to crawl and sing to them to relax. They develop a friendly bond with the baby that encourages them to look forward to visit the day care.


Good ratio between infants and care takers

Low caretaker to infant ratio is a healthy sign and is one of the key factors in identifying a good infant care. Ideally, 2-3 infants should be handled by one attendant. Infants demand more attention as compared to toddlers. Different infants will necessarily have different nap and meal times. Enough care takers should be present to pay heed to individual routine.


Interesting and planned curriculum

Day care should not imply only baby sitting. Infants undergo a very vital stage of physical as well as mental development. They are very fast learners, who pick up from surroundings and their elements. A good day care should have a pre-planned day for the babies which they can share with the parents, in advance. The curriculum should be inclusive of tummy time, crawling, play and nap time. The facility should have abundant time and space for the infants to crawl and play. Toys should be wisely chosen and should contribute in baby’s physical and mental development. The place should be decorated with a variety of shapes and colors to make the kids familiar with them. The curriculum should include a list of diverse meals, physical activities, group and individual activities, that are focused on overall development of a child.


Parent’s indulgence

Parents should be welcome all the time. Though they must have some fixed visiting policy for visitors, parents of the infants should have a relaxed schedule. Any parent should have the freedom to visit anytime. In fact, they should be encouraged to spend some quality time with their kids. Parents should be informed about the activities and progress of the child via emails and newsletters. Frequent parents and teachers meet up should be organized.



Parents generally refrain from going to infant cares as they find it difficult to entrust the day cares with their child. Keeping the above points in mind, selection of day care becomes easier instantly. A slight effort and research in day care selection can help to make your life absolutely easy and tension free. Though infant care in Singapore is a very accepted concept, the child care centre must take care of all the above mentioned points to make it more satisfactory by parents.